Cooper Crouse-Hinds

Cooper Crouse-Hinds is a worldwide provider of electrical products that perform reliably and safely in harsh and hazardous environments. In their technology center, they test their products to ensure each meets these demands and more.

I was responsible for designing an interactive system that displays live, real-time results from Cooper Crouse-Hinds’ tests on three large-screen displays which are installed throughout the technology center. These displays allow anyone visiting the center to see exactly what was being tested and how, along with the results of the test, the start and end time, and percentage of completion.

In addition to the testing results display, I designed an interface for a separate interactive floor-plan installation in the building’s Welcome Center, used to help visitors find their way around the building. Using a large format touchscreen display, visitors could select their desired destination, and the installation would highlight the selected room on the floor-plan and animate the route to it. When the floor-plan is not in use, a short animation plays, which provides visitors with an overview of the company’s history.

  • Project Type

    Interactive Installation

  • Responsibilities

    Interface Design

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Tech Center Display

Welcome Center Display