The Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano–Reggiano has been making Parmesan cheese using the same artisan process for centuries. In 2011 this collective of farmers in Northern Italy decided that they needed an English language consumer web presence, and came to 2ndNature to get the job done, and I was responsible for the front-end development of it.

The site features an interactive recipe section, in which users can search for recipes from chefs and other users, compile their own recipe boxes, and share and review recipes with cooks from around the world. The other sections of the site feature constantly evolving and informative content on topics such as History, Craftsmanship, and Health, for users who are looking to learn more about the cheese. The site makes use of a full-page, “parallax” scrolling effect on the homepage to scroll between the featured content. For those viewing the site on the go, the site will adapt to smaller screen sizes for ease-of-use.